Outside the Box

Now to get out of the stereotypes and actually back up to understand them in context.

(Quick comment: As you’ve noticed, some of these early posts are necessarily broad and abstract. Don’t worry; I will be delving into specifics on a myriad of topics in the future. But what sort of blog would start with, “Hi, I’m Lukas. The unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare is over $100 trillion. Enjoy your afternoon”…? Certainly not a blog that will keep many readers returning.)

As a teacher, it is my most sincere goal to stay out of what Tom Woods calls the “3 by 5 card of allowable opinion,” by which he means the framework of understanding between the stereotypes of conservative and liberal. And while you can continue to read (and please subscribe!) because there is nothing else to do (right?!), it truly is my goal, as I made clear introducing this blog, to bring clarity, greater understanding and to truly help shed light on truth.

And truth is often outside the box.

This is my framework for understanding politics: liberty vs. totalitarianism. If you disagree with my fundamental paradigm, at least keep reading until I defend my position in advocacy of liberty (like, as I keep saying with a great many matters, I will in coming posts).

Here is what most of the social world around us seems to want us to believe:

Liberal v. ConservativeThis, rather, is the continuum through which I view the political / economic world:

Liberty v. Tyranny

In the coming weeks, I’ll be elaborating on this continuum of understanding in light of its political, social and economic ramifications and the ways it can be understood in those areas. For now, allow yourself to start mulling over this continuum, if you have not already done so. Think about its implications yourself in the world around you, in what you read on Facebook and what you hear on the news.

And if you’re wondering about the way I seemed to entirely change tracks after the three posts on human nature and the state, it’ll all get looped back around and tied together in time; don’t worry. Stick with me.


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