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“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” – Thomas Jefferson

Naturally, as a teacher, you would all expect me to emphasize the importance of learning. My career is built on just such an emphasis.

Most of us also understand that a huge problem is that many sources for historical information are skewed. Textbooks are framed in a politically correct, if historically incorrect, understanding of the world that pushes an agenda supporting the progressive movement (the movement that looks to government, mainly central, as the key to social and economic progress). Why else would you find textbooks explaining the 2nd Amendment as established primarily for self-defense in an unruly countryside where an effective state-sponsored police force had not yet been established? (It was established to deter government from becoming tyrannical. They didn’t need an amendment to the federal Constitution to protect gun ownership for the sake of self-defense; that was a given. They would only need the 2nd Amendment if they were concerned about the nature of power as inherently susceptible to abuse and tyranny. And now I’m getting off on a tangent…)

As many of you know, the 2nd Amendment is an easy rally point for conservatives, and most in my experience understand it.

But that’s only the beginning. Textbooks—even many conservative ones, if you can find them—teach that the Gilded Age monopolies were bad and government regulation fixed that.

They teach that child labor was the result of capitalism gone awry and government bans on child labor saved our children from terrible deaths in the factories.

They teach that World War I was the great war for democracy, and that without U.S. entry with the Allies, the world would have descended into greater depravity.

They teach us that without government inspection of our food, we’d all be living to the ripe old age of 43.

False. False. False. False.

Yes, I know for some of you, that seems like a pretty bold case to be made.

I’ve spent the last several years using what little “free” time I have to study and learn history, economics and political policy—I’ve committed hundreds of hours to studying.

“Well, you’re a history and government teacher. Of course, you would,” comes the reply.

Well, yes. You do have a point.

Stick with me for a minute? The fact of the matter is, especially in light of a presidential election year, our understanding of these topics is very important. Do we really understand the implications of the candidates’—and now, specifically—Trump’s policies (the ones he has clarified)? The fact of the matter is, there are so many subtly (and no so subtly) taught misconceptions and bold-faced fallacies.

The best place I have found for true, substantial learning of this material is Liberty Classroom.


Courses Preview (see full list below)

Do not think Liberty Classroom is a gimmick. If you ask my wife, I tend to be very tight-fisted; I don’t spend money easily. I spent months of debating it and four hours of research before buying a $60 mp3 player. So I promote Liberty Classroom boldly and without reservation. It has been one of the best educational expenditures I have ever made (yes, I did go to college).

The teachers on Liberty Classroom are not just bloggers with passion (yes, I am aware of what I just said). They have Ph.D. level education (some have multiple Ph.D.’s) and years—if not decades—of teaching experience in universities and elsewhere. They are experts in their fields.

Courses List (more courses added regularly)

Courses List (more courses added regularly)

They cover a myriad of topics. Tom Woods’, himself having a Ph.D. in History and years of teaching experience at the college level before spending the recent decades in educating the public through books (he is a New York Times bestselling author), speeches and other content (like Liberty Classroom), has been forging this online learning source with accuracy and professionalism.

Yes, this is a plug…as if you didn’t notice! This weekend, November 25 (today) – Monday, November 28, Liberty Classroom is offering their best prices of the year: $5.16 a month for Basic Membership (though you pay in lump sum) if you buy today, and then just $5.42 a month through Monday night. You probably spend more on just Netflix, just Spotify or just Redbox in a month—for entertainment. Can I suggest you spend less than Netflix for some of the best education in history, government and economics that you could get (with the goal of keeping my integrity, I say that whole-heartedly).

And I also know that some of you will think it’s going to be Libertarian Party activism like that exposed by media. False, again. Entirely false. To repeat, the teaching here is professional and the professors are experts on their sources and subjects.

I do earn commission on this, but I’d promote it even if I didn’t (yes, yes; they all say that). If you know me, however, you know that I certainly would not promote something unless I was really behind it.

Check out and sign up for Liberty Classroom through my affiliate link here (or click the “Join Now” image below to take you to their home page; just scroll down on the home page for the three levels of membership and pricing).

And for your viewing pleasure,  below is a favorite video of Tom Woods in his “Interview with a Zombie” on his book and the issue of nullification, followed by his promotional video of Liberty Classroom.

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Click here to go to LibertyClassroom.com

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