Site Overview

Site Overview:

  • Learn about the author: Lukas Keagy
  • Introductory Post: “Why On Earth Do We Need Another Blog?” – Provides personal insight into my reason for and goals with this project.
  • Liberty Classroom Tab – Links to Liberty Classroom, and online classroom created by New York Times Bestseller Thomas E. Woods, Jr, covering a vast array of topics in the nature of this blog: politics, economics, history and a number of other topics (go to the page to see a sample listing of classes there). These classes are taught by Ph.D. experts in their fields.
  • Recommended Content – Links to all sorts of great stuff: books, blogs, websites, podcasts, videos, articles and essays that I recommend (and I’ll tell you why I recommend them, of course). I consider this content a significant portion of this blog for your (and my) own further learning!
  • Full Book Reviews – What the name implies. This is where I’ll post fuller book reviews than the short blurbs under the Recommended Books page.
  • New & Upcoming! – Check here to see about any new pages added or upcoming plans for the site.
  • Contact Me … with any questions or comments you have!
  • Subscribe … because I write fun emails.

Other Ways to Engage:

  • Facebook Page – Like the LCKeagy Facebook page as another way to see when new content is posted.
  • LCKeagy Forum – A Facebook group for discussion of any and all topics, specifically those related to politics, economics and history. Just ask to join.
  • Liberty & Personal Finance – A Facebook group for discussion of issues related to personal finance within the context of a belief of individual responsibility and free markets. Ask to join here, as well, and a moderator will add you.


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