Why On Earth Do We Need Another Blog?

If you have ever considered being a teacher: stop, think, and re-think the decision. Now, don’t get me wrong; I would choose no other career. I am a teacher, and I love it.

But it is not a career for the faint of heart. Certainly, I could meander into political and policy positions that make the actual career a challenge (perhaps, at some point, given the nature of this blog, I will). I could also send a cold chill down the spines of those who want to leave their work at work—the great fantasy world of the teacher! But I need neither approach to address my original comment: teaching is not for the faint of heart.

To leave you hanging for a moment, follow me on a necessary tangent.

I will candidly and readily admit that in beginning this blog, I am rather overwhelmed. The blogging world is a madhouse (I use the word in good taste, as I am, after all, endorsing it), with a myriad to choose from and read.

My particular bent with this blog will enter a field seemingly no less crowded: political commentary, economic analysis, financial recommendations, historical clarifications, and my own occasional musings on these and perhaps other related topics.

And for a little bit of whiplash, back to my comments on teaching.

Having earned my degree in Social Studies Education, I have learned more in the process of teaching than I ever learned in school. Most of us understand this to be the case: if you truly want to understand something, teach it. Still, I would suggest that the nuance goes further.

A good teacher has a strict moral responsibility to accuracy and the pursuit of truth. As I have learned extensively more through my own reading, studying and teaching, my understanding of the topics I mentioned above (politics, economics, finances and history) have burgeoned into a scope that require I represent these topics ever more accurately and truly to my students. As James warned his readers in James 3:1, a greater responsibility falls on those who teach: those who are entrusted with passing on knowledge and, consequently, influencing the lives of others.

Okay. So where I am going with all this rambling? To my concluding point of this post and my introductory point of this blog: it is my passion to continue learning that I may better teach, and to continue teaching that I may continue to learn. And in that process, I use this blog as an avenue. (I will offer further specifics on my focal points in the next post.)

So why on earth do we need another blog? Perhaps we don’t. But I do, born out of my own sense of obligation and passion. And perhaps, just maybe, my own commentary may be used to help inform, teach and even influence others along my own conduit of learning.

(Next post: Introduction to Blog Content)

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