Liberty Classroom

Liberty Classroom ImageLiberty Classroom is an online classroom founded by New York Times bestselling author, Thomas E. Woods Jr. I have subscribed for a year, and if I don’t get every class in during that time, you can be sure I will subscribe for a second. This content has been a key in burgeoning my own understanding of history and economics and hugely complimentary to my background in teaching these topics. At least watch Tom Woods’ introductory video below (and read the sample class listing below it)! Check out Liberty Classroom by clicking on the image above, or here, at

FOR A SPECIAL DISCOUNT TO LIBERTY CLASSROOM, subscribe to my email, then head over to the LCKeagy Facebook page (you can also subscribe at the Facebook page) and send me a private message asking for the discount codes to Liberty Classroom!

Some courses include:

  • The Best and Worst Presidents
  • How Freedom Settled the West
  • History of Political Thought (Parts I and II)
  • U.S. Constitutional History
  • Austrian Economics, Step by Step
  • And 10 more!

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