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Recommended Content

I will frequently add new content under the Recommended Content sub-pages, but I’ll list all new content here periodically for ease of knowing and accessing everything new that has been added recently!

Recently Added:

New page for full book reviews, which you can go to here.


Contributing Writers

A near-term goal for this blog is to open up a contributor’s blog thread. If you would like to be considered as a contributor writer, please email me at As part of a movement seeking greater and greater liberty in society, synergy is a powerful force during this time ripe for our ideas.

The Question & Answer Post

Another way that I hope to engage subscribers is to semi-regularly post an answer to a reader’s question. I’ll send out an email to my subscriber’s list asking for questions, and I’ll chose one to answer as a post. I’m still thinking through the details on this one (how often, whether to devote a page to it or make it a regular blog post, et cetera), but this is your heads up!

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