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On What Basis Liberty? Part 1
For those of my readers who are originally from or live in the United States, we understand the rich rhetoric
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To Readers: To What Extent Liberty?
So far, I have dedicated my posts to some fundamental frameworks that I think are particularly important to understand. Certainly,
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Ethics on the Continuum
I’m braving the world of ethics! Well, sort of. Now, I’m still laying groundwork here, so we’re not getting into
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Authoritarianism vs. Libertarianism
So far in our analysis, we’ve framed up a continuum with the extremes at either end: the absolute totalitarian state
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Anarchy, Capitalism, Socialism & Totalitarianism
We are finally going to start to overlap a bit into economics (no…don’t leave!)! Fear not; I will make economics
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The Issue of Standards
I’m going to start this post with the first of the two continuums that I included in the last post.
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Outside the Box
Now to get out of the stereotypes and actually back up to understand them in context. (Quick comment: As you’ve
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Liberal vs. Conservative?
As readers have probably already gathered clearly enough, I hardly fit into the left vs. right paradigm as the media
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Water (aka Human Nature) and the State
I’ve made two arguments. First, that human nature is like water in that it tends to follow the path of
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What is the State?
First of all, before we can really get much further at all, we must understand the answer to this question:
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Human Nature is Like Water
People are like water. At least, in one way critical to understanding why I would even bother creating this entire
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Introduction to Blog Content
So what can you find here? In my last post, I addressed key areas that I intend to pursue in this
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Why On Earth Do We Need Another Blog?
If you have ever considered being a teacher: stop, think, and re-think the decision. Now, don’t get me wrong; I
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