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You’ve already seen his name (Thomas E. Woods Jr.) all over this blog. Another blogger (linked to below at called him the “Indispensable Libertarian”. That sounds about right! He has a daily podcast full of rich content mean to “set fire to the index card of allowable opinion,” which I will also link to under “Podcasts,” but his website is chock full of links and content.


2076 ProjectThe 2076 Project

A great new website that provides an abundance of information regarding liberty, tyranny, and everything in between. The 2076 Project seeks to turn these abstract concepts into concrete and attainable goals (well, the liberty part, of course)! I highly recommend you check this site out and follow their work.


Shot Glass of History

Written by another history teacher who writes excellent in-depth pieces on historical episodes, many of which focus on the United States. Excellent source for examining history as it really happened. 



Primacy of TruthPrimacy of Truth

The author of this blog, a Christian and a lawyer,  says it best, as he seeks to “deduce truth with respect to law, economics and politics, in order to develop a Biblical Worldview based on the primacy of truth, the Bible, instead of the lies of                                                                                                 the world.”  Excellent content!


Things Not SeenThings Not Seen

In this blog, Things Not Seen, Aaron Harris writes about an array of topics through the lens of libertarianism and his Christian faith. 



The Mises InstituteMises Institute

Named after Ludwig von Mises, the Mises Institute website is loaded with content that helps explain Austrian and free-market economics, as well as relate these to current events. Their website was far too much content to summarize here!


The Ron Paul Institute for Ron Paul Institute for Peace and ProsperityPeace and Prosperity

Focused on education, the colleagues and collaborators here provide important information and study will the ultimate goal of reshaping our understanding of U.S. foreign policy and our implementation of foreign policy.


Ben Swann’s Truth in MediaTruth in Media

In my opinion, one of the best true investigative journalists. Ben Swann sheds much needed light on whatever the “media” is not.




The Libertarian Christian InstituteLibertarian Christian Institute

I have not fully explored this site or the videos and essays posted here, but from my brief perusing, I like what I find! I will continue to learn more about it and expand my recommendation in the future.

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